What is a Fixed Term Tenancy?

In the past all the homes we have advertised under our social housing banner have been life time tenancies. Some properties are now advertised as fixed term tenancies so, rather than offering a tenancy that can be in place for life these tenancies will have a fixed term, some will be 5 years some might be 20 years.

Fixed term tenancies will mainly apply to family homes & general needs flats. Supported and over 55's flats & bungalows will continue to be offered as lifetime tenancies. Please read each advert carefully to ensure you understand what you are applying for as our different housing providers will be offering different terms and conditions with their fixed term tenancies.

In most cases, when the fixed term comes to an end, another fixed term tenancy will be issued.  Only in exceptional cases would the registered provider not renew it. Exceptions could include:

•Persistent rent arrears

•Persistent delay in paying rent

•Anti-social behaviour

•Neglect of property

•Under-occupancy of 2 or more bedrooms